Heartland Weddings & Event Photography is Your Top-Ranked Wedding Photographer in Kansas City!

The quality of your wedding photos is paramount to your ability to always relive and remember your special day as it was—without a dedicated professional behind the lens and a passion for the work they’re doing, your wedding photos could turn out to be something far short of what you expected. At Heartland Weddings & Event Photography, this is exactly what we hope to avoid and when we’re hired to photograph a wedding, we take it as a personal honor.

Thanks to our tailored approach to every wedding we photograph, the passion we bring to every job, the skills we’ve developed and mastered over the years and our unyielding, uncompromising dedication to quality, Heartland Weddings & Event Photography is pleased to boast some of the very best ratings around from satisfied brides and grooms. Just take a look at our Google+ profile, our Yelp! reviews and our Wedding Wire feedback and you’ll see that we don’t joke around when it comes to capturing the very best moments of every wedding we attend.

The best in the business

Our success as top wedding photographers in Kansas City wasn’t something that was born overnight and isn’t something that we’re content with—it took years of hard work and dedication and today, we’re still striving to better ourselves for the benefit of our clients. We built this business on the quality of our work, the upfront and honest pricing and terms that we offer and a willingness to work with our clients, instead of just for them.

While some wedding photographers in Kansas City have a generic game plan that they bring to every wedding, we take a tailored, personal approach. We know that your wedding isn’t like anyone else’s before it, so why would your pictures be generic representations of your unique day? We take pride in coming to all of our clients with ideas and concepts, as to better represent their very special day.

We also know that price is a very important sticking point for many people, which is why what you’re quoted is what you pay—there are no hidden fees, adjoining costs or other sneaky terms that end up tacking on more money to your bill. We’re not here to gouge you when it comes to your wedding photography.

Our business is capturing the moment

If you’re looking to work with a talented wedding photographer in Kansas City who’s not just in it for the money or ready to churn out generic photos of a sub-par quality, we encourage you to look into Heartland Weddings & Event Photography. Quality and honesty have made us a top wedding photographer in the area and it’s these pillars of business that we always uphold when we’re asked to photograph a couple’s special day.

We know that your wedding day isn’t something you can ever recreate, but with the right pictures and the right photographer behind the camera, Heartland Weddings & Event Photography will go a long way towards helping to inspire those feelings again, no matter if it’s five years or fifty years past that special day.

An Affordable, Intimate Wedding Package

Weddings are no small endeavor and even the simplest weddings these days can easily cost as much as a down payment on a starter home or even a brand new car. For couples who are just starting to make their way in the world or who have financial obligations that already stretch the budget thin, being able to plan a wedding that’s even close to your ideal vision can be hard and disheartening.

Every couple wants to experience a wedding that exalts the day for what it truly is: the happiest day of your life. Unfortunately, with wedding costs so high and numerous financial obstacles in the way, too many people settle for a wedding that’s nothing even close to what they deserve. That’s why Heartland Weddings & Event Photography features an intimate wedding package, giving couples a chance to experience a wedding that fits them, without all of the tremendous costs that can come with even the most basic wedding planning these days.

For only a few hundred dollars, our intimate wedding package features a wedding minister who will marry you at any location of your choosing, a full bouquet of professionally arranged flowers by a local florist and, of course, access to our experienced and talented affordable wedding photographers in Kansas City, MO, complete with photo editing.

What makes this package different from others out there is the upfront, honest cost of what you’re paying for and the quality of what you’re getting for your money. Some “bargain wedding ceremonies” can feel more like a Vegas wedding and afterwards, you might not be left with the feeling of happiness, reality and butterflies that come with being married. Our package makes sure to focus on the specialness of the day and ensures that what you’re feeling is real and sentimental, not staged, rushed or cheap.

Perhaps the highlighting feature of this intimate wedding package is the exposure you’ll have with a professional, affordable wedding photographer in Kansas City, MO. Photographers are generally one of the more expensive investments of your wedding and for good reason: they capture the day’s moments in real-time, giving you visual mementos forever. In this package, you’ll get that same quality and those amazing memories for a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for a full wedding planning experience.

How do we keep the cost so low and offer such an amazing value to couples? Easy: we’re not here to drain your wedding budget or deliver a lackluster experience—we’re here to make sure that your special day is unique and amazing. We’ve been to more than a few weddings in our time and we know that each day is filled with its own special magic—we enjoy being a part of that magic and the smiles on every couple’s face is worth more than anyone could ever charge for an affordable photographer in Kansas City, MO. Simply put: we do this job because we love it and it’s our mission to help every couple commemorate their special day in a way that’s meaningful and unique.

Hire Event Photographers in Kansas City for Your Baby’s Birth Announcement

Welcoming a new baby into the family is an exciting and joyous occasion, and many couples want to share their great news with friends, family and loved ones. Although new parents are likely to already be snapping photos left and right, commemorating the birth of a new baby in an artful and elegant way demands a bit more skill—not to mention more time and energy—than new parents are likely to possess. Hiring experienced event photographers in Kansas City to photograph your new baby is a great way to get the beautiful pictures you’ll want to use in announcing the arrival of your little one.

Photographing a newborn baby is unlike anything else. Here are some ways a highly skilled event photographer will ensure that your baby photos turn out just the way you want them to:

Keep things simple and timeless: While a professional photographer undoubtedly has a number of tools at the ready for adding unexpected elements to a newborn’s photo session, many photographers—and many parents—are just as happy to keep things simple. Although posed photographs can often turn out beautifully, there’s just as much delight and surprise to be had in photographing a newborn just being a baby.

Focus on keeping the baby comfy: Especially if you’re trying to position the baby in a particular way, the key is making sure the baby stays comfortable. One of the best things about newborn babies is their ability to sleep even with considerable activity going on around them. Whether through swaddling, using a space heater or employing a noise machine, help your baby get comfortable and into a deep sleep to make the session run a little more smoothly.

Exercise patience: Naturally, it can be challenging to get a days-old baby to cooperate, as there’s little to be done other than keep them fed, changed, calm and comfortable. Most professional photographers will plan on blocking out several hours for a newborn’s photo shoot, and you should be prepared to spend a lot of that time attending to the baby’s needs. Then, when the baby is settled, your photographer can really get to work.

Include the whole family: Much of your focus will be on pictures that capture your new baby alone. But just because you’re announcing the baby’s birth doesn’t mean the rest of the family can’t get involved. Parents, older siblings and even grandparents or cousins can add significant warmth and personality to a new baby’s photos. Even if you don’t make a big production of it, it’s still worth getting some professional photos of you and the baby while you have the chance.

Remember to have fun: Most importantly, remember that the experience should be enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. Relaxing and having fun can make a shoot with even the fussiest baby an experience for the family to remember and appreciate.

When you’ve recently had a baby and you’re looking for the right event photographers in Kansas City, arrange an appointment with Heartland Weddings & Event Photography. We’ll work with you to capture the earliest moments of your new little one’s life in a way that allows you to cherish the memories forever.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Location

Location, location, location…
As always location is of utmost importance and when it comes to your wedding day this sis no different. Ultimately you should follow your heart and choose a place that best reflects your tastes as a couple. Find on a place you and your friends and relatives can relax in and your wedding is sure to be a wonderful day. In recent years more and more unique locations have become available so whether you are an adventurous couple looking to tie the knot at the zoo or you just want that perfect stately home, start your search with a clear idea and you won’t go wrong.

When you’re deciding on the location for your nuptials it is important to decide how many people will attend. Will you send invites to all friends and extended family resulting in a huge guest list or would you prefer an intimate wedding? It is worth remembering that your eventual choice of location may affect the overall amount of rsvp’s. Is the venue convenient to get to? Will you contribute to travel expenses?

How do you want your wedding day to be? The style is all important when you’re thinking about location. Will you want to be outside or inside? Will you have the service and reception in the same place?

Whether you want a conservative traditional church wedding and formal reception or a relaxed ceremony in a sunny location followed by a huge party then it is best to visit the various locations and find out how open they are to your ideas.

Think about how much of your overall wedding budget you would like to spend on the location and venue. If you have your heart set on a particular location there could be ways to get round a tight budget. If your wedding date is flexible then opt for out of season date when the cost of your venue may be up to half of the cost.

An alternative way to save money on your wedding location is looking into using more unusual or unused spaces. Why not consider the local park or city zoo. Otherwise if you have a friend or acquaintance with a large house and garden you could use this and install marquees.

You will need to consider how well equipped any potential locations are for you and your guests. Will there be enough parking? If you want to make a grand entrance do you have to walk far and will you want to in a wedding dress?

The best way to decide on the perfect location is to book a visit and get the owner to talk you through the facilities and what is on offer.

Preparing for Engagement Portraits in Kansas City

Getting ready for your wedding should be an exciting and joyful time, and even if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with your to-do list, there are definitely some things on that list you’d probably regret not getting to. Having professional engagement portraits in Kansas City is one of those pre-wedding musts. What better way to announce your marriage plans than with beautiful photos of you and your spouse-to-be?

If you feel like a lot is riding on coming up with the perfect wedding plans, you’ll be pleased to know that preparing for your engagement photos requires far less back-and-forth, much less time and the input of no one but the two of you and your photographer. While the photo shoot is often very laidback, there are a few things you’ll want to consider as you’re preparing:

  • Be yourselves: The first rule of engagement photos is that they’re not the best time to reinvent yourself or worry about having to take certain kinds of pictures. Be yourselves! All of your decisions regarding your photos should be up to you. Be open to suggestions from the photographer, but don’t be afraid to say no to ideas that just aren’t you.
  • Think about location: Where are the places the two of you love to spend time? Where did you meet? Where did the proposal take place? Are there locations that are special to your families? Think about where you’d like to have pictures taken. Having several different locations in mind can bring variety to your photos and represent different parts of your lives.
  • What to wear: The good news is that you don’t really need more than a couple outfits—something casual and something a little more dressy should suffice. Remember to choose comfortable clothing that also looks great on you, and wear complementary colors to ensure you’re looking your best as a couple.
  • Props and pets: Our pets can bring out our playful sides, and many engaged couples choose to be photographed with their pets, at least for part of the shoot. Depending on your interests, hobbies or shared activities, you may also wish to bring along other props that will fit with a given theme, add some quirkiness or originality to your photos or represent key aspects of your relationship.
  • Be confident: Finally, it’s true that being photographed can be uncomfortable or awkward for some people. But try to go into your engagement photo session with confidence. Let your guard down, relax and have fun. After all, you’re spending the day with the love of your life, and your photos will serve as an expression of the love you share. Being able to feed off each other’s confidence will help make your pictures the best they can be.

Like any aspect of your wedding, your engagement photo session requires some advance thought and preparation. The good news, though, is that many people find the process of shooting engagement portraits in Kansas City can be fun and casual—an enjoyable and anxiety-free way of telling the world you plan to say “I do.” Visit Heartland Weddings & Event Photography to learn more about how we can help you commemorate your engagement.