Thanks to social media outlets, email and all of the other technologically advanced ways of sharing content that we enjoy in today’s world, giving people a glimpse into an important moment of your life is easier than ever. When you’re talking about something as important as your wedding, the need to be able to communicate raw emotion, sentimental moments and the magnitude of the event are paramount—especially for people who may not have had a chance to share the actual event with you. Wedding photos in Kansas City, Kansas tell a very important story: make sure they’re telling yours right.

The big moments
Despite being a major event in and of itself, a wedding is filled with a number of other big moments that take place within the ceremony and reception. The grand march, exchanging of the vows, first dance and the ultimately important “I do’s” make for truly memorable moments within a wedding, so having some record of them to tell your story is paramount.
When choosing a wedding photographer to shoot your wedding day, it’s important to choose one that understands the raw emotion and delicate nature of these moments. Your photographer should be ready to capture them as they happen, have the perfect shot to encapsulate the moment and be on standby to photograph the reactions through and through. Without some record of these big moments, your stack of wedding photos in Kansas City, Kansas will be incomplete.

The candid moments
No matter how meticulously your wedding coordination may be, the beauty of a wedding is that it’s full of special moments that simply can’t be planned. The heartfelt tears from a best man’s speech, the adorable expression of a flower girl or the precious slow dance of two grandparents who have endured love for decades—these are all moments that are candid and unrepeatable. And, most importantly, these are moments that you should have a record of, to remember them as they happened.

What separates a great wedding photographer from a good one is the ability to realize these candid moments as they’re happening and capture them on film. It’s often easier to get images of the big events in a wedding than it is to capture the atmosphere of the room around them, so having a great photographer on hand who can grab the extra details will go a long way towards telling the whole story of your wedding.

The posed moments
A wedding is a time to look your best, no matter if you’re standing at the alter or simply attending to witness the union of a loved one. And, when you’re looking your best, a photo opportunity is always in order! Staged photos can capture the happiness of the bridal party and the guests in a way that accentuates everything from their smiles to their attire and having a good collection of these types of wedding photos in Kansas City, Kansas can add a touch of authenticity to your collection of candid snaps.