Not all photographers are created equal—especially when it comes to photographing something as important as your wedding. Anyone with a decent camera can take aim and snap a few pictures at your event, but what sets a truly fantastic wedding photographer apart from your everyday photographer is their ability to capture more than just stills from your ceremony or a couple of candid photos of the reception. Before you take the plunge and pick out your wedding photographer in Kansas City, Kansas, be sure to match them up against these five criteria:

Editing Style: Take a look at the past work and portfolios of every photographer that you’re thinking about choosing for your wedding. What’s their preferred editing style when it comes to delivering finished pictures? A photographer’s style is what comes to define them and a lot can be learned by looking at their editing process. Do they rely heavily on Photoshop techniques to accentuate their pictures or is it plain to see that they do a lot of “in camera” editing? Depending on your preferences, one editing style may suit your wedding better than another.

Imagination: It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to line up a bridal party and snap a few photos—what does take imagination, is dreaming up fun poses, locations and angles that capture a truly unique image of your event. A great wedding photographer in Kansas City, Kansas will mix in the right amount of playful and posed photos with traditional pictures, giving you a true representation of your wedding. A great wedding photographer will look for the best shot, not the easiest.

Capacity: Does your prospective photographer work alone or with a partner? In some instances, a lone photographer can capture a lot more of the sentimental moments of your wedding without having to worry about interfering with a partner—however a pair of photographers will be able to cover more ground and capture more of the event. Pick a photographer that will be able to capture the moments you’ll most want to look back on—whether that means a lone cameraman or a pair of professionals.

Rate: Weddings are expensive, there’s no question about it. When you’re hiring a wedding photographer in Kansas City, Kansas, that’s another hefty sum coming out of your budget, so make sure what you’re paying for is what you’re getting. Paying too much can leave you over budget, however trying to save a huge sum of money by hiring a discount photographer can land you with pictures that aren’t as good as you hoped they would be. Spend wisely and decide if the cost is worth the quality.

Efficiency: Always remember to get a quote on how long it will take for your photos to be ready after the ceremony has passed. In many cases, photos can be edited and returned to you in a fair amount of time, however it’s always a good idea to put a timetable on it, or you could fall lower on the priority list if your photographer is busy with other weddings.