Wedding planning is a stressful experience for even the most laid back of couples—from saving diligently to pay for all of the things that you want on your special day, to compromising here and there on the defining features of your wedding, it can all get a little overwhelming at times. One aspect of wedding planning that shouldn’t have to be overwhelming, however, is picking a photographer for your wedding photography in Kansas City.

The pictures that come from your wedding shouldn’t represent all of the stressful times leading up to it—they should be all about the culminating experience! Every picture taken at your wedding should show the smiling faces of the bride and groom, as well as everyone who was there to celebrate this life changing moment with them. It takes a true professional to capture these moments and an artistic eye to tell their story—not just someone with a fancy camera and a brochure of affordable rates.

What to consider

If you’re planning a wedding or have helped to plan one in the past, you know that picking out the wedding photography in Kansas City is done well before the actual day—this give you time to meet with a photographer, see a little of their previous work and get to know them on a personal basis, so they understand exactly what you want to capture in the photos at your wedding—be it the joy and exuberance that naturally comes with the day, or the intimate moments that you’ll share as you come together in union.

Meeting with and getting to know a wedding photographer is only half of the planning, however—you also need to consider pricing, what you get for that pricing and if your photographer is even available to shoot on your special day!

At Heartland Weddings & Event Photography, we’re diligent about meeting with every happy couple seeking wedding photography in Kansas City. We want to get to know you: what’s important to you, what your love is built on and what kinds of memories you’re looking to capture as you tie the knot. That’s why we not only offer exceptional pricing—to make your photography more affordable—but also a free engagement photo session and an extra two hours of coverage when you book us to shoot your wedding!

We want to make sure that we get every smile, every look of love, every embrace and above all, every photo that you’ll treasure forever.

Booking is easy

Like we said above, planning a wedding is hard work— Heartland Weddings & Event Photography aims to make booking your wedding photography in Kansas City easy! While you’re busy getting your other affairs in place—the venue, catering, invites and entertainment—we’ll be ready to capture the finished event in just the way you’ve always imagined it to look.

We want to be a part of your special day—from the engagement announcement pictures, to the first dance that you share as a newly betrothed couple, and beyond.