Getting ready for your wedding should be an exciting and joyful time, and even if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with your to-do list, there are definitely some things on that list you’d probably regret not getting to. Having professional engagement portraits in Kansas City is one of those pre-wedding musts. What better way to announce your marriage plans than with beautiful photos of you and your spouse-to-be?

If you feel like a lot is riding on coming up with the perfect wedding plans, you’ll be pleased to know that preparing for your engagement photos requires far less back-and-forth, much less time and the input of no one but the two of you and your photographer. While the photo shoot is often very laidback, there are a few things you’ll want to consider as you’re preparing:

  • Be yourselves: The first rule of engagement photos is that they’re not the best time to reinvent yourself or worry about having to take certain kinds of pictures. Be yourselves! All of your decisions regarding your photos should be up to you. Be open to suggestions from the photographer, but don’t be afraid to say no to ideas that just aren’t you.
  • Think about location: Where are the places the two of you love to spend time? Where did you meet? Where did the proposal take place? Are there locations that are special to your families? Think about where you’d like to have pictures taken. Having several different locations in mind can bring variety to your photos and represent different parts of your lives.
  • What to wear: The good news is that you don’t really need more than a couple outfits—something casual and something a little more dressy should suffice. Remember to choose comfortable clothing that also looks great on you, and wear complementary colors to ensure you’re looking your best as a couple.
  • Props and pets: Our pets can bring out our playful sides, and many engaged couples choose to be photographed with their pets, at least for part of the shoot. Depending on your interests, hobbies or shared activities, you may also wish to bring along other props that will fit with a given theme, add some quirkiness or originality to your photos or represent key aspects of your relationship.
  • Be confident: Finally, it’s true that being photographed can be uncomfortable or awkward for some people. But try to go into your engagement photo session with confidence. Let your guard down, relax and have fun. After all, you’re spending the day with the love of your life, and your photos will serve as an expression of the love you share. Being able to feed off each other’s confidence will help make your pictures the best they can be.

Like any aspect of your wedding, your engagement photo session requires some advance thought and preparation. The good news, though, is that many people find the process of shooting engagement portraits in Kansas City can be fun and casual—an enjoyable and anxiety-free way of telling the world you plan to say “I do.” Visit Heartland Weddings & Event Photography to learn more about how we can help you commemorate your engagement.