Welcoming a new baby into the family is an exciting and joyous occasion, and many couples want to share their great news with friends, family and loved ones. Although new parents are likely to already be snapping photos left and right, commemorating the birth of a new baby in an artful and elegant way demands a bit more skill—not to mention more time and energy—than new parents are likely to possess. Hiring experienced event photographers in Kansas City to photograph your new baby is a great way to get the beautiful pictures you’ll want to use in announcing the arrival of your little one.

Photographing a newborn baby is unlike anything else. Here are some ways a highly skilled event photographer will ensure that your baby photos turn out just the way you want them to:

Keep things simple and timeless: While a professional photographer undoubtedly has a number of tools at the ready for adding unexpected elements to a newborn’s photo session, many photographers—and many parents—are just as happy to keep things simple. Although posed photographs can often turn out beautifully, there’s just as much delight and surprise to be had in photographing a newborn just being a baby.

Focus on keeping the baby comfy: Especially if you’re trying to position the baby in a particular way, the key is making sure the baby stays comfortable. One of the best things about newborn babies is their ability to sleep even with considerable activity going on around them. Whether through swaddling, using a space heater or employing a noise machine, help your baby get comfortable and into a deep sleep to make the session run a little more smoothly.

Exercise patience: Naturally, it can be challenging to get a days-old baby to cooperate, as there’s little to be done other than keep them fed, changed, calm and comfortable. Most professional photographers will plan on blocking out several hours for a newborn’s photo shoot, and you should be prepared to spend a lot of that time attending to the baby’s needs. Then, when the baby is settled, your photographer can really get to work.

Include the whole family: Much of your focus will be on pictures that capture your new baby alone. But just because you’re announcing the baby’s birth doesn’t mean the rest of the family can’t get involved. Parents, older siblings and even grandparents or cousins can add significant warmth and personality to a new baby’s photos. Even if you don’t make a big production of it, it’s still worth getting some professional photos of you and the baby while you have the chance.

Remember to have fun: Most importantly, remember that the experience should be enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. Relaxing and having fun can make a shoot with even the fussiest baby an experience for the family to remember and appreciate.

When you’ve recently had a baby and you’re looking for the right event photographers in Kansas City, arrange an appointment with Heartland Weddings & Event Photography. We’ll work with you to capture the earliest moments of your new little one’s life in a way that allows you to cherish the memories forever.