Weddings are no small endeavor and even the simplest weddings these days can easily cost as much as a down payment on a starter home or even a brand new car. For couples who are just starting to make their way in the world or who have financial obligations that already stretch the budget thin, being able to plan a wedding that’s even close to your ideal vision can be hard and disheartening.

Every couple wants to experience a wedding that exalts the day for what it truly is: the happiest day of your life. Unfortunately, with wedding costs so high and numerous financial obstacles in the way, too many people settle for a wedding that’s nothing even close to what they deserve. That’s why Heartland Weddings & Event Photography features an intimate wedding package, giving couples a chance to experience a wedding that fits them, without all of the tremendous costs that can come with even the most basic wedding planning these days.

For only a few hundred dollars, our intimate wedding package features a wedding minister who will marry you at any location of your choosing, a full bouquet of professionally arranged flowers by a local florist and, of course, access to our experienced and talented affordable wedding photographers in Kansas City, MO, complete with photo editing.

What makes this package different from others out there is the upfront, honest cost of what you’re paying for and the quality of what you’re getting for your money. Some “bargain wedding ceremonies” can feel more like a Vegas wedding and afterwards, you might not be left with the feeling of happiness, reality and butterflies that come with being married. Our package makes sure to focus on the specialness of the day and ensures that what you’re feeling is real and sentimental, not staged, rushed or cheap.

Perhaps the highlighting feature of this intimate wedding package is the exposure you’ll have with a professional, affordable wedding photographer in Kansas City, MO. Photographers are generally one of the more expensive investments of your wedding and for good reason: they capture the day’s moments in real-time, giving you visual mementos forever. In this package, you’ll get that same quality and those amazing memories for a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for a full wedding planning experience.

How do we keep the cost so low and offer such an amazing value to couples? Easy: we’re not here to drain your wedding budget or deliver a lackluster experience—we’re here to make sure that your special day is unique and amazing. We’ve been to more than a few weddings in our time and we know that each day is filled with its own special magic—we enjoy being a part of that magic and the smiles on every couple’s face is worth more than anyone could ever charge for an affordable photographer in Kansas City, MO. Simply put: we do this job because we love it and it’s our mission to help every couple commemorate their special day in a way that’s meaningful and unique.