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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Location

Location, location, location... As always location is of utmost importance and when it comes to your wedding day this sis no different. Ultimately you should follow your heart and choose a place that best reflects your tastes as a couple. Find on a place you and your friends and relatives can relax in and your wedding is sure to be a wonderful day. In rece[...]

Capturing Your Special Day Through Wedding Photos in Kansas City, Kansas

Thanks to social media outlets, email and all of the other technologically advanced ways of sharing content that we enjoy in today’s world, giving people a glimpse into an important moment of your life is easier than ever. When you’re talking about something as important as your wedding, the need to be able to communicate raw emotion, sentimental moments and[...]

Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Photographer in Kansas City, Kansas

Not all photographers are created equal—especially when it comes to photographing something as important as your wedding. Anyone with a decent camera can take aim and snap a few pictures at your event, but what sets a truly fantastic wedding photographer apart from your everyday photographer is their ability to capture more than just stills from your ceremon[...]

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